jenitosam said: That gif set is from La Belle et la Bete, a french 2014 beauty and the beast film. :D

Thank you so very very much!

It’s getting to be that time of year where I paint stuff on skulls. Hopefully these guys will sell well at the next couple events I do.

Are you not afraid to dance with me?

…. Someone please tell me what this is from O_O I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED to see this.

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So I had some awesome times at Phoenix Comicon. this was my first year doing Photo ops. Also My friend Holly (who is in the last 2 pics with me) told me about something that John Barrowman spoke of during his spotlight… I had to draw it…

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I made a thing!!! Zombie Maker-bot at the Maker house in Tucson

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Making some creepy pokemons for Connichiwa… cuz I can

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Zombie fairies that I have been playing around with. Found a whole bunch of those little Halloween skeletons in storage and decided to make zombie fairies.  Am playing around with what material to sculpt them out of. May try cold porcelain clay on the next batch.

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